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[21 Feb 2010 | One Comment | 5,910 views]
Beyond violence and non-violence

It is good that there is some openness in the matter now, for dogmatic attitudes have done considerable harm. To say that one should not be dogmatic about violence may be morally a little unsettling but it is a defensible position even without adopting a relativistic attitude towards the preciousness of life or a casual attitude towards one’s moral responsibility for injury caused in the course of a struggle. More of that in the right context. But the discussion will unavoidably be based on assessments  of the effectiveness of the …

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[21 Feb 2010 | No Comment | 7,100 views]
Physiognomy of Violence

A number of strategies of counterinsurgency have been used by the establishment in India, each of them more obnoxious than the next. One would perhaps be reading too much of a method into these acts if one were to contend that a certain unified entity called “the state” is with experimental intent trying out one strategy after another. Certainly, what is happening in Chhattisgarh is in all probability a local stratagem spun out of the immediate situation, which has at its focus a very angry and uncontrollable man called Madavi …