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Writing for Combat Law

What You Can Write About

An opposition to human rights abuses and to all forms of exploitation, a political and confrontational style, substantial legal content, a humanitarian law foundation, an international perspective, incisive insider reporting – these are some of the things we look for in articles. The magazine endeavours to cover contemporary issues from a wide geographical spread.

Judgements, Statutes and Bills
If you are concerned about the impacts of a national or an international judgement, Act or proposed Bill please write to us. Attach a complete copy of the document with your critique and comments. Don’t forget to write about positive legal developments that could be replicated in other places.

Send us recent reports and photographs covering cases of violation or any important development impacting marginalized sections like dalits, labour, women, sexuality minorities among others.

Court Watch
Court Watch will work as a monitor, reporting the happenings in courts and the functioning of various commissions including the National and State Human Rights Commissions.

If you are a lawyer or person keenly following your local court you can send us the latest information about the court proceedings. Reports on judicial misconduct in your court and protests, if any, can be sent to us.

Profiles of progressive judges, judgements positively impacting workers, the poor and the marginalized can be sent to keep readers updated on future developments.

Creative Expressions (Expressions of resistance)
We welcome poetry, photos, graphics, cartoons, posters and all creative expressions of resistance.

Combat Corner
Send us the latest listings on events, dharnas, protests, appeals, etc. If you are part of a campaign that you would like to be covered in the magazine send us a campaign profile with the latest update in 750 words. Your press releases and announcements will be put up on the site on request.

If you are exposing scams and corruption please send us the full documentation so that the story can be authenticated.

We see Combat Law as a collaborative effort of progressive people across the country and abroad. While we welcome unsolicited submissions, this does not guarantee publication. Email your article or post it to any of our addresses. Authors are encouraged to send in their photograph (passport size) with their articles and a two-sentence biography. Do put your name and mailing address on all your communication with us. Articles accompanied by a self-addressed stamped envelope will be returned.

Letters to the Editor
Write to us about the magazine, the site and issues that concern you. Letters may be edited for length. Email to: lettertoeditor@combatlaw.org

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