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[22 Jul 2010 | No Comment | 2,958 views]
Paradise on Fire

The Thai capital Bangkok went up in flames mid-May this year as thousands of rural protesters battled the armed forces demanding greater say in the running of the country. Satya Sagar digs out what is at the core of the crisis and where is this once a peaceful nation now heading for
Not long ago, Thailand topped the lists of tourists’ choicest destinations around the globe. It was the ‘Land of Smiles’ according to official brochures, and the ‘Land of sun, sand, somtam and sex’ according to tourists – a country …

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[22 Jul 2010 | No Comment | 4,425 views]
Thai Timeline to conflict

1782: Beginning of the Chakri dynasty under King Rama I, which rules to this present day. The country is then known as Siam. New capital of Bangkok founded.
1932: Bloodless coup against absolute monarch King Prajadhipok. Constitutional monarchy introduced with parliamentary government.
1965: Thailand becomes close US ally during Cold War and permits it to set up military bases to be used in the Vietnam War.
1973: Student movement in Bangkok brings about the fall of Thailand’s military government. Free elections are held but the resulting governments lack stability.
1976: Right wing mobs massacre …