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[21 Feb 2010 | No Comment | 7,100 views]
Physiognomy of Violence

A number of strategies of counterinsurgency have been used by the establishment in India, each of them more obnoxious than the next. One would perhaps be reading too much of a method into these acts if one were to contend that a certain unified entity called “the state” is with experimental intent trying out one strategy after another. Certainly, what is happening in Chhattisgarh is in all probability a local stratagem spun out of the immediate situation, which has at its focus a very angry and uncontrollable man called Madavi …

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[21 Feb 2010 | No Comment | 6,012 views]
The NHRC on Salwa Judum:  a most Friendly Inquiry

The Salwa Judum phenomenon has occasioned a number of reports, most of them strongly critical and the patronage it gets from the state in Chhattisgarh. Not many who know the situation in Dantewada (now Dantewada and Bijapur) districts of the state and who are fair-minded would quarrel with the criticism, though there can be and there are differences in the assessment of what exactly the Salwa Judum signifies. But the fair-minded observer would be disturbed by the almost total absence of any critical comment on the Maoists in most of …