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Heard learned counsel for the applicants and learned AGA. This application has been filed for quashing of the criminal proceedings in Case No. 11118 of 2007 (State Vs. Smt. Siya Devi and other) under section 309/306 IPC, PS Tajganj, Agra, pending in the Court of CJM, Agra.

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The cardinal principle of administration of justice that a person cannot be the judge in his own cause is put to test before the enquiry commission headed by justice GT Nanavati which is probing the riot related cases of Gujarat after Godhra train carnage in the year 2002.

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The United Progressive Alliance’s last full budget before the next Parliament election was meant to give a new direction to economic policy and be “people-friendly”, even populist in the best sense of the term. But Finance Minister P Chidambaram missed an opportunity to make a major break with the past. His budget continues the overall neo-liberal orientation of the UPA’s policy. It doesn’t even remotely address the huge distortions and imbalances in India’s recent growth pattern.

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It is evident from the said provisions that the Lok Adalats have no adjudicatory or judicial functions. Their functions relate purely to conciliation. A Lok Adalat determines a reference on the basis of a compromise or settlement between the parties at its instance, and puts its seal of confirmation by making an award in terms of the compromise or settlement.

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A sense of loss was writ over the faces of those who lost their little abodes. “We were given no written notice, nor were told of demolition,” they complained. The demolition drive, however, continued the following day too. The victims watched haplessly as possessions made through a lifetime’s savings went to smithereens. They could not utter a word, not to say protest, as a strong police posse stood guard, ostensibly to ward off trouble.

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With false promises the Indian state has again betrayed Dalits this year. The tall claims of achieving growth with inclusion have faltered again. The total budget allocation under Plan Outlay for the year 2008-2009 is Rs 2,43,385.5 crores and under the Scheduled Castes Sub Plani (SCSP) the government is liable to allocate Rs 40090.90 crores exclusively for Dalits (16.7 percent of the total plan budget) but it has allocated just Rs 11715.07 crores (29 percent of the total due under the SCSP) for the welfare of SCs, which means again …

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The main respondent, The Hotel Association of India pleaded that Section 30 of the Punjab Excise Act, 1914, which prohibits the employment of “any man under the age of 25 years” or “any woman” in any part of premises in which liquor or intoxicating drugs are consumed was unconstitutional as it prevented women from achieving gender equality.

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In a speech delivered by the then Chief Justice of India, Shri RC Lahoti, on Law Day – November 26, 2004, the chief justice had praised the judiciary for “carrying a phenomenal burden which perhaps no other judiciary in the world has had to shoulder.”

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The finance minister presented the Union Budget for 2008-09 amid growing realisation that the poor have been left way behind in the mad race for high economic growth that swelled the fortunes of the affluent. As per the Planning Commission’s Approach Paper for the XI Plan, unemployment has grown from 9.5 percent in 1993-94 to 15.3 percent in 2004-05 among poor households dependent solely on agricultural labour.